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About Linda Lee Rathbun

Linda has had over 250 magazine articles published along with four touring books by Gregory's and by Explore Australia.

Most of Linda's work is accompanied by Steve's photography.

Below is a Byline List of Linda's articles: some include links and some include the option to download an electronic PDF tearsheet.
Explore Australia 4WD Books
-4WD Touring Tasmania

-4WD Touring Australia: Darwin to Broome
-4WD Australia: 50 Short Getaways
-4WD Touring Australia: It's Yours to Discover and Enjoy
Go RV Website
-Caring for Injured Wildlife
-A Gem of a Time at Gemtree
-The Ultimate Xterran Life
-Alice Springs Touring Guide 
-Explore The Great Sandy Strait
-The RV Adventure Guide
-Exploring the Mary River National Park Region
-South Australia's Kangaroo Island
-Kununurra Travel Guide
-Travel Guide: Broome
-Exploring Takarakka and Carnarvon Gorge
-Travelling Australia: Then and Now
-Cairns: Top Ten Attractions
-Adventures in Rock Art
-The Lake Ballard Being
-Western Australia Touring Guide
-Touring Guide: Northern Territory at its Best
-Fraser Island Under Pressure
-Along the Savannah Way
-Picture-Perfect Francois Peron National Park
-Travel Guide: North Stradbroke Island
-Planning the Big Lap

-The Gibb River Road

-Caravanning Green

-Travel Guide to the Eyre Peninsula

-Essential Flinders Ranges Travel Guide

-Australian Fires: Aiding Wildlife

-Travel Guide: Litchfield National Park

Go RV Magazine
-Issue #5 Page 28: Top Four Reasons to Visit The Alice
-Issue #6 Page 24: Top Four Reasons to Visit Mary River National Park
-Issue #8 Page 30: Australia's Dinosaur Trail
-Issue #9 Page 24: Kununurra Travel Guide
-Issue #10 Page 30: There's Something About Broome
-Issue #14 Page 30: Top Three in Cairns
-Issue #16  Page 38: Adventures in Rock Art
-Issue #18 Page 20: Lake Ballard Beings
-Issue #19 Page 54: Best of the West
-Issue #20 Page 46: Top End Touring
-Issue #22 Page 38: Fraser Under Pressure
-Issue #23 Page 42: Savannah Way Road Trip
-Issue #26 Page 50: Perfect Francois Peron

-Issue #28 Page 40: North Stradbroke Island

-Issue #30 Page 48: Kimberley-Gorgeous

-Issue #33 Page 50: Explore the Tip of the Eyre

-Issue #34 Page 48: Rock Star: Flinders Ranges

-Issue #35 Page 58: Australian Fires, Aiding Wildlife

-Issue #36 Page 44 Litchfield National Park

 Challenge, a Pearson Educational Magazine
-Ranging the Everglades
Caravan World
-The Beings of Lake Ballard
-Caring for Wildlife

-Making the Most of Your Trip

-Making the Most of Your 4WD
-The Great Sandy Strait
-A Traveller's Tale

-Ten Tips to the Top End

-A Gemtree in the Desert
-Mary River, West of Kakadu
-The Northern Territory's Top Ten Escapes and Touring Guide
-Touring Western Australia

Camper Trailer Magazine
-Along the Savannah Way 
-Touring the Northern Territory
-Gemtree in the Desert

Times of the Islands Magazine
-In the Lagoon of the Sacred Spirit (Houseboating in the Everglades)
-Banking on Wetlands (wetland mitigation banks)
-Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary

-Hidden Creatures, Secret Spaces (Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge)

-Everglades Wonder Gardens

-Seminole Safari (Big Cypress Seminole Reservation)

-The Piers of Southwest Florida

Views Magazine
-Where the Sun Shines on Wild Things (Southwest Florida ecology and wildlife)

-Audubon's Christmas Bird Count in Georgia & Florida
-From Way up High to Way Down Under (travel in Australia)
The Vinoy
-A number of articles and sidebars for the in-house publication of The Vinoy Hotel

Introducing Naples Magazine
-The Everglades: Lagoon of the Sacred Spirit

-Bathing Beauties (ecology of the Gulf of Mexico foreshore)
-Mystery and Majesty (natural areas in Southwest Florida)
-A Tamiami Tapestry (scenic Tamiami Trail in Florida)
-Natural Explorations (sanctuaries and preserves in Southwest Florida)

-Where the Wild Things Are (animals and birds of Southwest Florida)
Wildlife & Nature Magazine
-A Stroll Through Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary
-The Key Deer of Florida
-Under the Waters of Key Largo

Australian Wellbeing Magazine
-The Barrier Reef Revisited
-Europe Will Have to Wait (traveling in Western Australia)

-Aotearoa: The Land of the Long White Cloud (about New Zealand)
-Dreamtime in Kakadu (about Aboriginal rock art

-Aw-wah-nee: Place of a Gaping Mouth (Yosemite)
-Sanctuary (about a sculptor)

-Trials and Tribulations (Cape Tribulation in Queensland)

-Howe Glorious (Lord Howe Island)

Nature & Health Magazine
-Cradle Mountain Lullaby (Tasmania, Australia)
-Uluru (Ayers Rock)

Birds International
-Jewels Among Wading Birds

-Builders in the Australian Bush
The Age Newspaper
-Glass became her floral canvas (about glass artist: Wynne Reid)

Underwater Geographic Magazine
-A Reef Encounter (about the Great Barrier Reef)
 Flight Deck Magazine (Australian Airlines)
 -Pixie Pinnacle (a dive site on the Barrier Reef)

 The Australian Way Magazine (Qantas Airlines)

 -Lady in Waiting (about Lady Elliot Island)

 -A Mountain Lullaby (about Tasmania)

 -Flying Colours (about Australian parrots) 
-Blooming Marvels (wildflowers of Western Australia)

-Winged Wonders (Australian butterflies)

-The Whyalla Aggregation (Australian giant cuttlefish) 
Pacific Way Magazine (Air New Zealand)

-The Isles of Capricorn (Great Barrier Reef)

-New Zealand Rendezvous

-A Western Ramble (traveling in Western Australia)

-The Green Behind the Gold (Lamington National Park in Queensland

Scuba Diver Magazine
-Buddying the Budding Photographer
The Weekend Australian Newspaper

-The Southern Jewel in the Coral Crown (Barrier Reef)

-Oh really, it's the O'Reillys (about O'Reillys' Guesthouse in Australia)

-At Home in Tasmania's Wilderness.

 GEO, Australasia's Geographic Magazine
 -The Pinnacles (in Western Australia)

-Carnarvon Gorge National Park (Queensland, Australia)

-Wilson's Prom National Park (Victoria)
New Traveller Magazine
-Magical Lady Musgrave Island
The Sunday Age Newspaper (Australia) 
-Good Reef! Getting the Most of the Great Barrier Reef

 -Call of the Wild (hiking in Australia)

 -A Dive of a Hotel (Jules' Undersea Lodge in Key Largo)
Sportdiving Magazine
-Lord Howe Island

Silver Kris Magazine (Singapore Airlines) 
-Fish in a World of Fantasy (about Australian reef fish)
4WD Touring Australia Magazine
 -Caring for Injured Wildlife
 -Exploring Grampians National Park by 4WD
 Bauer Media 'Without a Hitch' Website
 -Top Ten Things to do in Cairns
4X4 Magazine

-A Snowy Wilderness Tagalong

-Moor-ish Moreton Island

-The Bloomfield Track

-A Kakadu 4WD Adventure
-An Arnhem Land Safari

-Historic Chambers Pillar

-Tassie's Forest Tracks

-Karijini in a Nutshell

-Litchfield's Hidden Tracks

-South to North in the Flinders Ranges

-A Double Dutch World Safari

-Cobbold Gorge
-The Nanga Heritage 4WD Circuit

-Palm Valley in Finke Gorge National Park

-Jowalbinna Rock Art Safari Camp

-Cobourg 4X4
-The Eyre Peninsula by 4WD

-A Mary River Weekend

-The Triple Desert Tracks
-Moreton & Straddie Island Getaway
-Lark Quarry, Back o‘ Beyond

Overlander Magazine

-Preparing for the Dream

-Picture-perfect Francois Peron National Park

-Driving Fraser to the Brink
Ranger Rick Magazine 
-Our Wild Class Trip (school trip to the Great Barrier Reef) 

-Diving into Camp (school trip to the Florida Keys)
Gulfshore Life Magazine
-Mote Marine Laboratory

-In Praise of Southwest Florida

-The Piers of Southwest Florida

-Doing the Stingray Shuffle

-Strictly for the Birds
-A Retreat at Five Fathoms
-A Symphony of Bells
-The Orchid Thief (A book review)
-Buddha's Gardens
-Romance in the Stones
ASPCA Animal Watch Magazine
-The Reunion (elephants at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee)

Discover the Gulfshore Magazine
-Finding Sanctuary (about Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary)
Wilkommen Magazine
-Sudwest Floridas Piers

-Zuflucht Finden

Woodall's Florida Traveler
-Tamiami Trail: Trail Between Two Cities

Boca Raton Magazine
-Notes from DownUnder (travel in Australia)

Nature Photographer
-Wonders DownUnder (travel/photography in Australia)

PlanBookTravel Website
-Numerous articles on travel in and around Australia

Australian House & Garden Magazine
-Grow Your Own Vineyard
-Fanciful Fuchsias
-Color-fast Cinerarias
-Lady Elliot Island: Glorious Isolation

-Adventures in Paradise (about Lord Howe Island)

-Tulips: Jewels in the Garden

-Sleeping Beauties (about bulb flowers)

-Regal Roses

-Clouds of Color (about rhododendrons and azaleas)

-Succulent Charms (about cactus)

-Flamenco Flowers (about hibiscus)

-Bizarre Beauties (about bromeliads)

-Versatile Day Lilies

-Winter's Gift to the Garden (about camellias)

-Iris, the Rainbow Flower

-Going Native (Australian native plants)

-The African Queen (about proteas)

-Velvet Charms (about African violets)

-Tulips on Parade

-The Garden's Chameleon (about hydrangeas)

-Potted Perfection (about tuberous bromeliads)

-Pocketfuls of Color (about calceolaria)

-Alluring Lilies

-Cyclamen: Winter Dazzlers

-Orchids: a Flowering Obsession

Growing Concerns (about antique apple varieties)

-Sunny Personalities (about daffodils)

-Brilliant Bougainvilleas

-Glorious Gloxinias

-Carnivorous Plants
Home & Condo Magazine
-Living with Lightning

-Much Ado About Mulch

-Replacing a Towel Bar

-The Composting Advantage

-How to Survive Moving

-Glass as Art.
-Safe Drinking Water

-Fertilizers for a Lush Garden

-Keep Your Trees Healthy

-Interior Colorizing

-Making Your Home a Safe Haven
-Lead Paint

-The Magic of Carpet

-Home Generators

-A Guide to Freon Laws

-Combing a Paint Finish

-Extending your Home Outdoors

-Recycling Irrigation Systems

-Combing the Walls of your House

-Recycling Southwest Florida

-Home Ideas on the Internet

-Caring for Carpets

-Keeping Mildew Away

-Enclosing a Patio

-Garden Maintenance

-Tarpon Cove Yacht & Racquet Club

-Legends Golf & Country Club

-Replacing your Air Conditioning System
Gardening News Magazine
-A Rainforest Garden in Melbourne

-A Garden Gallery in Surrey Hills

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