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About Natural Wanders

Natural Wanders celebrates the natural world through photography and writing.

*Natural Wanders provides images of, and in, the natural world for editorial use, i.e. as illustration accompanying a story or presentation, or showing a place, animal, thing, or event. Images for commercial use, i.e. to advertise, promote, or sell a product; or to create a product for resale purposes, must first be approved by us.

*We offer low-res through medium-res JPG images uploaded via FTP or Dropbox upon payment via PayPal.

Please see 'Prices & Image File Info' under 'About Us' on the homepage for file sizes and prices.

*We offer registered agencies, businesses, editors, and publishers images via FTP or Dropbox upon submitting a request for an invoice. Please see ‘Ordering Information’ under ‘About Us’ on the homepage. We can also prepare a private gallery based on a search request from a publisher.

*Most images are available as hi-res TIFF files or unaltered RAW (NEF) files upon request. Files for A2, A1, and A0 printed matter are available via FTP and Dropbox. Please see 'Image File Info' Under 'About Us' on the homepage for file sizes and prices.

*Discounts of 5%, 10%, 15% and 20% are applied automatically at checkout; for futher information please see 'Discounts' under 'About Us' on the homepage.

Images are available to almost everyone and options range from a low-res jpeg for personal use all the way up to an expanded 50+ MB TIFF file.